LaserShowGen (formerly ildaGen) is a freemium app for Windows and Mac, designed to make it cheaper and easier than ever before to create your own laser show. The program can both output directly to Laser DACs for full control over your laser projector in real-time, and export to ILDA files which can be played by projectors with SD-card readers or other laser show software. It supports various devices including our own Helios Laser DAC, LaserDock, Ether Dream, IDN, RIYA products, Easylase, sound cards and OLSD.

Also available in a web version (HTML5), create ILDA files directly in your web browser on any operating system, without downloading or installing anything. An industry first!

The program features three modes: An editor mode for creating your own laser graphics and animations from scratch, a timeline mode for creating complex shows synced to music, and a live mode for triggering animations on the fly.

Check out the reddit community to share content, suggest features, ask for help and more:

LaserShowGen is free, with limited functionality. The free edition does not have access to the timeline mode, and has a max number of file exports per day of 10. The Full version unlocks these features and more, and costs just $24.90.

You can download the program here:

• v1.8.0 Windows (⭳)
• v1.8.0 macOS (⭳)
• v1.5.1 Web version

Latest version 1.8.0 released 2019-09-14
Other version, formats, and changelog can be found here

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“An excellent product. I can’t believe how much functionality you get for so few £” - danielbriggs @
“I love the simplicity of this tool!” - -bart- @

LaserShowGen won second place in the 2015 ILDA Fenning Award for Technical Achievement:

Supported DACs for direct output


Export both ILDA format 5 and 0
Load external ILDA files for editing
Reapply properties of object
Load images for rotoscoping
Different animation modes (linear, sine, bounce, etc)
Radial and square grids
Onion skinning
Optimization of frame based on FPS and scanner speed, with settings like dwell and color shift
Simulated scanner preview
Save and load project and frames

Timeline (Full version):

Arrange multiple frame files in a timeline
Support for multiple projector shows
Envelopes to easily add effects changing over time
Load and sync music, with visualization
Add visual markers
Split and resize objects
Stretch and slow down animations

Live Mode:

Load frames and animations to play on demand
Trigger playback using mouse or keyboard shortcut
Files can loop, or stop after one playthrough
Adjust color, instensity, rotation, position etc. on the fly.


Free drawing
Line tool
Circle tool
Wave tool
Curve tool
Text tool
Symbol tool
Arbitrary function


Solid color
Gradient colors
Dashed colors
Arbitrary function
Replace, additive and subtractive blending modes

Blanking and dotting:

No blanking
Dashed blanking
Dotted blanking
No blanking with dots
Dots at start and end of blanking intervals
Arbitrary function
Replace, AND, OR, XOR blending modes


Color shifts
Coloring and blanking frequenzy
Coloring and blanking duty cycles (in dashed mode)
Coloring, blanking and wave offsets
Position displacement
Audio wave and spectrum visualization